Booniez Core Values

  1. Create an amazing customer shopping experience
  2. Sell the highest quality outdoor gear for the best possible price
  3. Support the Outdoor Community both locally and globally
  4. Have a great time all the time

Creating an Amazing Customer Shopping Experience

There's buying, and then there's shopping. Shopping is the process in which a customer goes through to make their final decision on what to buy, it's in short – research. Booniez is here to help you shop for and find exactly the gear you need. All of Booniez' employees are outdoor enthusiasts and are well versed in all the gear at Booniez. If you have a question on what is the best ski jacket for alpine skiing when carrying a pack, Booniez will know the answer. If you ever catch us without an answer, we'll research it to the bone and provide both a qualitative and quantitative analysis.

When you do decide upon what gear is best for you, checking out at Booniez is easy. The Booniez shopping cart is a quick-click system, ready to get you from cart to check out in a jiff. Shipping at Booniez is free for any purchase of $49.99*, if you desire a shipping method other than the free one a shipping calculator is located in the cart and ready to tell you how much and how long a shipment will be in cost and time. International shipping estimates are also available*. Not only does Booniez provide free shipping but also free return shipping*, because we know that buying gear and apparel online means you can't try it on before it arrives at your front door.

Booniez is constantly striving to improve the shopping and buying experience. Upgrades and additions are made regularly to Booniez to make shopping with us not only easy but educational, fast, and fun.

Sell the Highest Quality Gear for the Best Possible Price

Truth be told, getting outside should not cost you an arm and a leg. We here at Booniez aim to sell only the best of the best for the best price. We scour the web for hours Googling our own names and checking to make sure that our prices are the best out there. If in the event we miss a price we accept price matches. Our price match system is quick and easy, enter the price you saw elsewhere along with the web site you saw the deal at and the Booniez' automated price matcher will take a gander.

Not only are we checking prices but we're out there kicking tires in the gear world. Everything sold at Booniez has been meticulously inspected, our buyers have scratched their noggins, stood with hands on hips, and either give the thumbs up or down on gear. All the gear and apparel available on Booniez is what we consider to be completely bomber, anything less would be an insult to our valued customers.

Support the Outdoor Community Locally and Globally

Booniez is proud supporter of several non-profit groups located throughout the Monterey Bay. From supporting the Ventana Wildlife Society to helping girls go surfing with the Wahine Project, Booniez supports it all. Booniez also supports local outdoor artists by hosting a rotating gallery that exhibits art work depicting the great outdoors.

Have a Great Time All the Time

If it ain't fun, what's the point? We are in the outdoor gear and apparel industry because we have a passion for living on the edge, drinking excessive amounts of micro brews, and having pull-up contests in the warehouse. From the outsider's view one may say, “But between the beer drinking and Googling of your own names, how do you get anything done?” Simple, we love the outdoors so much and love getting others out there that we find it all fun. Hiking boots, rain gear, trail running shoes, all easy to sell when you love talking about it to a customer and comparing notes of their crazy boar encounters while trail running in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Nothing brings more pleasure to us here at Booniez than knowing we're helping you get out there.